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Questionnaire 'General Knowledge'

Question : 1. What areas are you as responsible person(s) of your estate responsible for?
Answer(s) :
correct All communal areas within the estate up to but not beyond the front door of individual private dwellings
correct Communal Areas contained within the building curtilage
correct All areas of the estate including residential dwellings

Question : 2. Who are considered responsible persons under the Regulatory Reform (fire order) 2005
Answer(s) :
correct Managers
correct Employers & Employees
correct Residents
correct None of the above

Question : 3. Fire safety provisions have so far improved year by year, in 1979 there were 865 deaths recorded as a result of fire, since then this number has fallen mainly due to improvements in building design and fire safety systems. However by 2009 by how much had this number fallen?
Answer(s) :
correct 63%
correct 55%
correct 60%
correct 71%

Question : 4. When a fire reaches what size should you flee and call help rather than stay and extinguish fight?
Answer(s) :
correct The size of a waste paper bin
correct the size of a small car
correct the size of a football
correct the size of a large television

Question : 6. Do rodents increase the risk of fire?
Answer(s) :
correct No – they are scavengers and so keep the area free of rubbish
correct Yes – nesting activities within a building present a fire risk
correct Neither – they neither increase nor decrease the risk of fire
correct Yes as traps are a fire hazard