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What is Ground rent:
Ground rent is a rent payable to the landlord on a specified date as required by the lease. Ground rent arises because you buy your flat/apartment on a lease for a term of years. Under English law you never in fact buy the land or air-space that the flat sits on/in just the right to occupy the flat/apartment you buy or that is 'demised to you for a term of years'.


Your ground rent login can be found on any ground rent demand. You only need to enter it once then save it to skip this step in the future.

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Ground rent is not held in the same client bank account as your service charge so must be paid separately.

We only collect ground rent for clients, where we are so instructed by the Freeholder or where perhaps some but not all residents have a share in the Freehold company and/or ground rent is still payable as a resolution to stop paying ground rent has not been passed.