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The good news is that many modern leases allow for improvements to the block or estate provided there is a majority vote to do so.

And, in older leases improvements might be allowed by the lease if either existing equipment has become beyond economical repair or the improvement could be regarded as replacement of obsolete part.

Step 1: Tell us your idea/what you want.

Step 2: We'll send a voting slip to all at the block, and if there is enough interest, we'll make it happen.

My idea is
describe your issue in full here, ie. car parking regulations, communal satellite installation, major works issues
  • buy the freehold
  • install communal satellite TV
  • instruct parking enforcement
  • have the cleaner more often
  • improve the gardens
My reasons for this proposal are:
cast your vote here

Voting to get something done - how it works

Before you request a vote we suggest you engage with neighbours and other owners on site to see how much support there is for your idea. And, it is also useful to remember that to enable people to make a decision the first question is usually, 'how much will it cost?' and to help us get support for your idea it is worthwhile thinking about costs.

OK, I've submitted my idea - what happens next?

Once you submit your idea then we will put your idea to the Client and seek their instructions to create a voting form outlining the idea and costs to enable owners, those that would need to pay towards the idea, to cast their vote.

It is Ringley's Outbound Team who prepare the voting forms and you can follow up what happens by emailing requests@ringley.co.uk if you would like to.

Once the Client gives us permission to send out the vote, we would usually allow about a week to prepare the voting paperwork then about 2 weeks for votes to be returned.

Your Property Manager is responsible for analysing votes received and updating all on whether the proposal has democratic support to be implemented. At this stage the Property Manager will also need to consider funding issues, what is in reserves, whether an extra collection would be required etc...

Danielle Lagocki

Danielle Lagocki is your Property Manager.
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