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If you want to Sub-Let your property – here’s what you need to do

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For Demo Block Ringley are not currently instructed to manage sub-letting.

This means that either the lease is poorly drafted and does not require owners to tell the Managing Agent who is living in their property, or our Client/.the Directors have chosen to dis-regard the lease.

It works better when sub-letting is controlled because...
  • By knowing who is in a property we can assist with leaks and emergencies,
  • Wilful damage is easier to trace if we know when tenants are moving in/ out;
  • Nuisance can be dealt with quickly because if we have tenant(s) details we’ll include them in circulars on the rules of communal living,
  • We can spread block news quicker by including tenant(s) directly, so you don’t fail to fulfil your duty to pass news on,
  • Many letting Agents fail to pass emergency updates on, we’ll do their job if your tenant(s) are registered,
  • If you don’t notify the buildings insurer you have sub-let, they may cap or invalidate your insurance claim,
  • Seeking references and inspecting tenancy agreements is best practice and helps deter undesirable tenant(s);
  • We are then empowered to deal with covenant breaches (e.g. immoral use, over-crowding, properties in multiple occupation)

What you or your Letting Agent need to tell your tenant(s)

  • parties and BBQ’s in any gardens are not allowed,
  • noise including using washing machines must cease at 10pm
  • where to take their rubbish
  • the correct parking space (if applicable).

And, if you are unlucky enough to get troublesome tenants, it remains your responsibility to ‘get them to be considerate’ and neighbourly as contractually by signing the tenancy agreement they have made warranted and promised good behaviour And, only you can enforce the tenancy agreement against them. In the case of a severe problem, we will encourage other neighbours to support

Online_form Voluntarily register now THE NOTICE OF SUB-LETTING

We can then
  • write to your tenants to ensure they know the block rules,
  • deal with noise/nuisance issues more easily,
  • deal with emergency situations more quickly.