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Change of service address for Flat 1, Demo block, London, NW1 9QS

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Your lease requires you to provide us with one address to serve demands and formal papers relating to your property.
Changing your correspondence address is easy. We need you to do so in writing OR using this web page.

Changing your billing and correspondence address is a formal request to change the ownership registers and it is your lease (for flats) or transfer document (for houses) that requires this to be a formal written instruction from you.

My new address for service is
Address line 1
Address line 2
Daytime tel
Evening tel

I/we hereby give you notice that

To satisfy my duty to notify the agent of the Freeholder/Freehold Company/Management Company with effect from the date of this notice the address for legal service of service charge, rent demands or other statutory notices shall be as stated below until further notice.
To provide the necessary information for the buildings insurer I confirm that hhe need to change my correspondence address arises from (tick if applicable)

Having sub-let the property to private individuals
Having sub-let the property to a social landlord
Having sub-let the property to a housing association etc.
A family member residing at the property
The property being left unoccupied whilst I work abroad
The property is my home, but not my main residence, it is reserved for my occasional use

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